sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

Something like worthy poetry even if you're feeling great
Something like cotton candy, something like chocolate cake
Something falling down, something passing by
Something like sugar, sweet banana cream pie

Something sour, like lime
Something cruel like you
Something bitter like tears
Something perfect in time
Something needed in time

Something like poor poetry when you're feeling like shit
Someone just like me that I just cannot see
Something beautiful,
Something that made my dream true, that something took it away

Something sour, like warheads
Something cruel like expensive shoes
Something perfect instead
Something needed instead

Something cool, like iced tea
Something fake to sweeten
And something wandering my mind
Something wandering my mind
Something perfect indeed
Something needed indeed

Something there forever
Something there to haunt me
Something of mine given to him
So he can let me live
Something there in my body
Something deep in my soul
something good when I'm happy
Awful when all alone

Something happy forever
Something sad for a while
Something happy forever
Something sad for a while