lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

blank pages

bend his personality to fit just right into mine
you can't believe the way he talks and talks
and every single thing youve heard about this guy

he likes to braid the girls hair
and play piano instead of guitar
he didn't even know how far
do we ever know how far?

and if he only knew
that everytime I look at him I think of you
that his happiness was contagious
and that I smile instead of cry everytime I look at your book
and their blank pages
their blank pages

small things make the big difference
he's such a dork
the kind of boy with eyes that scream innocence
and I'm such a fool for spending my days without listening
but I'm moving on
does moving on really exist?

and if he only knew
I know he knows cause I look at the sky and I look at you
there's something so much bigger than what I say
but does it even matter anyway?

and if he only knew
that I figured out his little secret
of all those candies you're the sweetest
I guess god wanted a taste of you
more than I could ever do
god wanted a taste of you

for all those blank pages
with all those strange faces
that concert with your piano and a guitar

your blonde blue eyed girl
asking yourself are you really in love with her?
and all those strange places
you'd know by now

did your smile ever turn into a frown?
did you ever ran out of town?
would you ever get lost in the sound?

I wish I could let you fill them in
those blank pages
write on them back and forth
those blank pages
theres so much more you couldve do
but god wanted a taste of you

who knows when you're going to run out of blank pages..
maybe you wont even have time to fill them
live happy

xo - Mercy