miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

ta da!

So its christmas. I didnt give any gift to anyone. I just baked two cakes for both my sisters. Tada. Dont get upset if I didnt give you anything.

But the end of the year is coming up and its making me nostalgic. It normally does. A year ago i wrote one of my most important songs. One year ago people meant nothing. One year ago I was following the steps of what my heart wanted, not my head. In this year, the most important lesson i ever learned was to find a balance between what your heart says and head says. If you pay too much attention to your heart, you get depressed. If you pay too much attention to your head, you get cocky. Find a balance, I deeeeeply recommend it.

I feel like i need to name some people who made this year remarkable. Lets include things, music, and movies. Why not?

This is NOT in order

Dany Leza: Basically made my year in high school worth while. While i was looking around classes thinking HEY i wanna get the hell outta here, no one could listen. No one thought as I did. I wanted to go away and I wanted something way too big for this town. Then every little break we had we either discussed the stupidity of teachers (because of course, we are ALWAYS right!), discussed the latest gossip (Perezhilton FTW) or talked about how we were big fishes in a small pond. We dont know why, but we felt way too out of place. You know what? It doesnt feel out of place anymore. It doesnt because we've talked too much about it, that we made it our own little place. Although i do want to escape to Canada. Probably will, eh?
Oh and i will NEVER forget the time your mom crashed my car. And if i ever forget it, its written here. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ale Vara: OH MY GOD!!! so many good moments. I love you babyy gurlll. We probably had manicure too many times in the year, and ate too many sushi too. I probably ate more food with you than in any other day of the year. We'll be obese BFF'S at the asylum, dont worry. I had NO fights with you this year, and you're growing up to be little miss atittude! Finally! I knew from the start that you were too valuable to be stepped on by other people. I knew you were going to speak up. Now you can't shut up. Its okay, i cant shut up either. I think we've had this conversation before... we are annoying talkers. And i love your family! They're good people, nice people. I love little Moccha. And i love you!!!!

Shmariel: You've had your ups and you've had your downs. My christmas gift to you is that you should NEVER give up. Ive been there and now, if you try to ignore the bad parts of your life, the good ones will just pop up. Its not good luck, its good will. Its God wanting you to have a hard time in order to have to value the good ones. And ive been there all year and you're the craziest mother fucker alive! (Quoting Hangover). You're weird and unique and different from anyone else. You keep losing faith in finding someone for you, but im not worried about that. I know you'll find someone who'll deal with your downs, and LOVE them. Just wait. Remember my sister found her perfect man at 20. You're 17. TOODALOO MOTHAFUCKA!

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE: HOLA!! I always have an exciting entrance when i talk to you! You know why? Cause you're like my closest friend. I always tell you everything. You never judge me. We both are basically the SAME people. Berkley 2011 for the win. And you know what? What i admire the most about you is that every single detail you either make it funny or make it happy. You're the most cheerful person ive ever met. Im so so so greatful that i have you as a friend. You're one of the most valuable people in my life! You're the kind of person that when I have a great day, i say IMMA GOING TO TELL MAFE. And viceversa. I'll always be here for you mafe bo bafe. love chu locaa.

Meli: you're the kind of person i dont have anything to say about. Cause, we've said it everything. You've been there always. Words are NOT enough. Besides, it would be uncomfortable talking about love with you. So i'll just say... Ew you suck.

Erin: I really really really really really really really need to meet you. Theres times when im like ERIN SHOULD BE HERE. All my friends know about you. You're special to me. Even when we dont talk much, i always think hey, erin is one of the few friends that has been in certain situations i've been. And sometimes i think HEY, Erin has the same freaking sarcastic not-funny-to-others kind of sense of humor. I know i'll laugh my ass off with you. I love you! You're one of my closest friends ever. I'm just really thankful to have you as a friend. I dont even know how to say it! You're aaamazing

Now i'm way too lazy to keep writing about this. So i'm going to list some people.
  • Greta
  • Marian
  • Cony
  • Lalo
  • Chele
  • Courtney (Yes, YOU!)
  • Carla
  • Dianis
  • Marijose
  • Melissa (yes, YOU!)
  • Nutella
  • aahahahhahahahahaaha
  • Jason Mraz
  • Kings of Leon
  • (for keeping me updated with the tunezzzz)
  • Mom, Pops
  • Lola (the inspiration behind the name)
  • Nana
  • Oli
  • Franco
  • Puch
  • Kirby
  • Ha. no. no.
  • Hangover. :)
  • Lovely Bones
  • Kelly
  • Mike
  • Brandon
  • Tommy
  • Cookies
  • Sushi
  • Pastry
  • EVERY LITTLE THING. You and you and you.

xo - Mercy