viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

why do i keep writing songs in new years?

open my eyes, i feel blind
i was dancing in the moon
why do i have to go soon?
but now i know it's okay, life moves on

they say girls like me
either get too lost in what could it be's
or get found in impossibilities
but now i know, winter aint that cold and summer aint that warm
and lovers aint that much in love

why do i keep on dreaming?

i want to feel that impatient anxiety
where i can't sleep
can't wait to what it'll be
yet i can't wait for the exact opposite

i want to be awake
like when i was just a kid
where i could smell and feel and touch and see the same old boring thing but love it anyways

why do i keep on dreaming?

they say girls like me have a thousand eyes
they say dreamers break their own heart apart
they say boys like you aren't meant to stay
but i'll keep dreaming that you'll stay anyway

why do i keep on dreaming?

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